Meet Ilona Parunakova

A 10X Best-Selling Author

Ilona Parunakova is a 10X Best-Selling Author, Diversity and Inclusion Expert/Speaker, Founder and CEO of IP Resilience Global, and Identity Architect and Happiness Amplifier.

Parunakova is a direct descendant of Armenian Genocide survivors during World War I and she survived wartime in the Republic of Georgia after the collapse of the USSR.

Over the years, Ilona has succeeded in turning her obstacles of war, loss, struggle to fit in, and every “no” in her life into her superpowers. Parunakova was born to a Ukrainian mother and an Armenian father in the Republic of Georgia. Her relatives lived to tell the horrific tales of war from the Ottoman genocide of the Armenian people during World War I.

Apart from surviving the terrors of war, Parunakova endured ethnic discrimination for a considerable amount of time. She experienced rejection from her grandparents, was mocked by her relatives, and was denied admission to universities. At that time, she felt rejected and an outcast as a result of the massive political discrepancies between Russia and Georgia. Throughout that discouraging season in her life, Parunakova fought her hardest to stay strong and found the inspiration to pursue further studies and accomplish exceptional feats.

Parunakova received the People’s Choice Award in a beauty pageant in the Republic of Georgia in 1998. She collected medals for completing a marathon in 2017 and triathlon in 2018. She speaks seven languages, including English, Russian, Armenian, Georgian, and Spanish, among others. Parunakova earned a BS in Business Administration and an MM Masters in Ministry. She is a candidate for a doctorate in Family Christian Counseling and a Ph.D. in Christian Philosophy.

As a Master Coach, she empowers people to find their voice, even in the darkest times of their lives, and imparts courage and self-confidence, so that they, too, can experience liberty at its best. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner. Parunakova has additionally served in an international non-profit organization as a liaison, speaker, and organizer for fundraisers and other community events. Parunakova is the author of the best-selling books Opium of the Almond Tree, Am I Godfident, Unfiltered, Unleashed, Unapologetic, Royal Grand Berries, Success without Apology, and In the Front Line with Royal Warriors. Additionally, she has published the International Project book Godfident Voices and the children’s book Bella’s Butterfly. 
Parunakova is a proud TEDx international speaker who brings encouragement to her audience whenever she walks on stage. Empowering people to find their voice, even in the darkest times, is something she is very passionate about.

Parunakova has been featured on Fox, NBC, CBC, and in Influencive, Powerhouse, and Forbes magazines. Her Christian faith has been very instrumental in her survival. It allowed Parunakova to see things from a positive perspective—that no matter what happens, God will always be in control of her destiny.

Ilona has co-authored the book Legacy Legends with HRH Stephan, Prince of Montenegro and Serbia in 2021. Ilona Parunakova introduces herself unapologetically as God’s Masterpiece and puts God as the CEO of her life

Why Me

I am not your mandate, typical girl. I see risk and I go after it. The change that I bring in my life to become a “Bonified Woman”, is the same change that I want to develop in your mindset. I know everyone’s life is different, carrying different problems and workloads, but we all want to succeed and be happy, don’t we?

The formula to live a successful life is hidden inside you. I let you discover and develop the thirst, passion, and consistency that leads you to get near to your success.

I deliver “Focus” that you miss while searching for “How” when you need to know “Why.” IP Resilience is the platform to revive your life journey and fuel your life.

With me, you get a goal-driven life, an ambitious personality with a bold vision.



I develop champions that love to be who they are. IP Resilience acts as a “Booster” in your life that accelerates your success journey and helps you to achieve your milestone most uniquely. I equip you with the tools that assist you in moving forward and set your mind towards the desired goals.



A Champion isn’t the one who wins every time, but the one who always tries unique tactics to achieve the goal. My vision is to empower you to become a champion to stay motivated even when you experience burnout. I create a self-driven adventure to conquer your fears and stand victorious on the mountain of your dreams.

Positive Attitude:

To stick towards the positive vibes that lead you towards a meaningful life journey.

Finding Yourself:

To be your unique, authentic voice that leads you to master your identity.

Create a Legacy:

To work for the future of your generation that recognizes you as an ultimate champion over your adversities.

Be Fearless:

Face your fears, bring that lion from within you to stand up for yourself.

Celebrate You:

Celebrate small wins that empower you to achieve the bigger ones.


I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will help you.

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